GATHERING... by Hélène

The Works Council is committed to promoting exchanges and solidarity on a daily basis


Since its creation, the Works Council has been alloted rather significant resources, because it is a Management’s choice to rely on our action to create a pleasant working environment and opportunities for friendly gatherings. The Works Council counts with 13 members who are also Staff Representatives. At the beginning of 2020, we will evolve into a Social and Economic Committee with new elections, in accordance with the new regulations.

The Works Council's action is organised around three main objectives and a few principles to which we are very committed:

  • We promote access to culture, financially of course, and also by offering "turnkey" cultural outings. We go there together, and it gives us the opportunity to do unusual things, see a classic play, visit an exhibition of paintings in Aix-en-Provence, the Arles International Photography Festival or a street art tour in Marseille commented by a local graffiti artist.
  • We have a similar approach for sports activities: the Works Council financially supports the individual sports practice of employees or their families; and then we support people who want to participate in a competition or a collective event, such as the Marseillaise des Femmes race or Mud Day. For the Marseille-Cassis half-marathon, which is a bit of a local institution, we finance the purchase of solidarity bibs that financially support the "Run for Tom" association, which combats Pompe Disease, an orphan genetic disease. This is a subject that is particularly close to our hearts, in connection with the work carried out by the Disability Mission.
  • Finally, we seek to highlight the talents of employees outside work: we have organized a photo exhibition open to all, we propose to attend shows in which Innatians participate (dance, theatre...), to cook together...
  • If I had to describe our state of mind, I would say friendly, local and supportive. The Works Council offers a wide range of events, from summer barbecues to breakfasts for everyone at the office, from the big Christmas party to an impromptu Easter egg hunt in the Luminy pine forest or in the Prado offices. Our ambition is to create a link.

We also have this ambition in our relations with the outside world by favouring local suppliers and service providers at all levels:

We ourselves select quality artisanal products for the production of Christmas gift packages, which are always purchased directly from producers (corsicans "cuggiulelle" made in a small workshop in Marseille, honeys from the hive of the Pelote Dorée, Etoile de Moustiers cookies, a craft workshop in the Gorges du Verdon, organic wines from independent winegrowers, jams from the company La Gauthière, in Aubagne, which employs disabled workers, artisanal foie gras from the Laban family...); we seek to give a helping hand to entrepreneurs in Marseille when we organize events (Mister Churros or Chez Gaston food trucks, local EmkiPop ice cream,...), in the same way that the Company has chosen, since the beginning, to work with a family and local company for the food distributors of the 2 sites.

We also stand in solidarity with the company's employees. The Works Council grants loans to employees who request them, without conditions, without any justification nor Management scrutiny. And, as Staff Representatives, we have negotiated a company agreement that allows any employee to donate leaves to colleagues who are parents of a seriously ill or disabled child. We plan to extend this possibility to family caregivers. 

Innate Pharma is growing fast, and this is also a challenge for the Works Council team. Employees are now dispatched on two different sites, and none of them have a collective space large enough to accommodate everyone. Not to mention that we now have American colleagues! So we are adapting: information meetings are duplicated, we have set up information desks, both for practical subjects (purchases of culture vouchers, various requests) and also to offer a space for direct, more human and individual dialogue. And we are in the process of setting up an intranet dedicated to the Works Council, which should be operational by 2020. With a local partner, of course!

Hélène, Senior Director Program Manager,at Innate Pharma since 2001 and member of the Works Council for 8 years