Innate Pharma is committed to provide the best environment for our team members to excel in their job, expand their skills, connect with cutting-edge science networks and fully cooperate to achieve our purpose of bringing innovative therapeutic medicines to patients in need.

Cooperation comes with respect and our organization places work-life balance, reward and dialogue at the core.

GREAT PLACE TO WORK, the approach

Since the beginning, we have placed employees at the heart of Innate Pharma's corporate project. Being a great place to work is a key element in our evolution. Our employees are our main asset: they are creators of value, and their well-being directly affects the progress of research and development, both at the Company level and for scientific research more generally.

Our ability to attract, retain and motivate our employees has always been a major focus of our development. As we enter a new phase, with the commercialization of our first anti-cancer drug, Lumoxiti, quality of work life is increasingly becoming a strategic issue.

Being a "Great Place to Work" has therefore been reaffirmed as one of the axes of Innate Pharma's 5-year strategic plan, presented to all employees in July 2017, with the objective of promoting team spirit and developing employee engagement.

It is with this in mind that Innate Pharma's management, with the full support of its Supervisory Board, has committed the company to the Great Place To Work® certification process. 

We see it as a way to formalize our collaborative practices and corporate culture. It is also a tool that allows us to better understand the expectations of our employees and to measure their level of satisfaction, with a view to continuous improvement.


Innate Pharma first obtained the Great Place To Work® certification in December 2019. This certification is based in particular on an anonymous questionnaire evaluating employees' perception of leadership, organizational culture and trust. 86% of employees participated in the survey conducted in October 2019.