About this program

This program aims at developing an anti-Siglec-9 antibody for immuno-oncology.

Siglecs comprise a family of 15 members of sialic acid-binding receptors. Siglec-9 is an inhibitory receptor of the family that is expressed on a broad range of immune cells of both lymphoid and myeloid origin. Siglec-9 can interact with sialic acids expressed by tumors, leading to dampened immune cell functions. Thus, Siglec-9-sialic acid interaction disruption may promote anti-tumor immunity.

Data show that antibodies against Siglec-9 generated by Innate Pharma enhance NK cell cytotoxicity. This anti-tumor response is improved by the blockade of the immune checkpoint NKG2A. Further, data demonstrate that Siglec-9 is highly expressed on tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells and upregulated on T cells in cancer, suggesting a potential additional role as an inhibitory checkpoint agent.

AstraZeneca selected four molecules from Innate’s preclinical portfolio per the October 23, 2018 transaction terms. Selected molecules include the anti-Siglec 9 antibody program.

Mechanism of action of anti-Siglec-9