About this program

IPH33 is a monoclonal antibody program targeting the Toll-like Receptor-3 receptor (TLR3).

As an anti-viral receptor, TLR3 is a major inducer of Type I IFN and pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-6, TNF, IL-17, IL-21, IP-10 and RANTES. TLR3 is overexpressed on inflammatory epithelial tissues and can also be involved in the differentiation of pro-inflammatory cells, such as the differentiation of monocytes into osteoclasts. TLR3  thus acts as a participant in inflammatory feedback loops by inducing the production of pro-inflammatory signals which stimulate its own expression.

IPH33 is an antibody program that aims to block TLR3 in order to decrease a deleterious pro-inflammatory response. This mechanism of action is upstream with respect to current approaches (anti-TNF, anti-IL-6, JAK inhibitors) and could be interesting in a broad spectrum of chronic inflammatory indications, such as COPD, IBD, RA…

Innate Pharma has generated antibodies which can be internalized in the cell, specifically through TLR3, and which are able to block the TLR3 activity. An antibody candidate was selected and humanized in 2012. The goal is now to qualify this candidate for an entry in regulatory preclinical development.