Mondher Mahjoubi

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board of Innate Pharma since December 2016, discusses Innate Pharma's outlook.

How did you come to know Innate Pharma and what is your view on its science?

I discovered Innate Pharma and Marseille through American partners: something that demonstrates the influence of Marseille Immunopole internationally. Researchers from Genentech, MedImmune, AstraZeneca, have a lot of respect for researchers who are in Marseille especially in the field of immunology. I think that confirms that we have an extraordinary breeding ground for real talent that has helped to advance research and developments in immunotherapy.

Innate Pharma, in particular, was founded on the basis of very rich science. We have, in the last 20 years, been pioneers in the field of cancer immunotherapy and particularly in developments based on so-called NK cells. This was the starting point for the company and we can be proud of the quality of science that has come out of our labs. We continue to develop programs in this direction, but at the same time, we continue to broaden our research to stay competitive in the future.

The team here is a significant asset. Our success is due to the talented women and men within this company. It is their passion, their commitment to bringing our projects to market that will make Innate a world leader in the field of immuno-oncology. Of course, I am talking about the scientific team, but also all the multidisciplinary teams involved in the development of our molecules. I am extremely happy and proud to see the dedication of every employee in this company.


Can you explain how Innate continues to progress today?

Since the creation of Innate, scientific excellence has always been the watchword. This is the only way for us to remain innovative and, above all, to develop molecules that will make a difference for patients in the future.

To support us in this process, we must work, as we have always done, together with large pharmaceutical companies that have more means and significant experience in this area to develop our molecules and bring them to patients as quickly as possible. It is important for us to remain involved in these developments to retain the maximum value. This is why we will continue to create new collaborations and partnerships.

In parallel, we grow and gain experience ourselves. Our ambition is not only to continue to be a privileged partner but also to develop our own molecules within our proprietary portfolio to market them ourselves when we have the opportunity to do so, primarily in rare diseases, orphan diseases, or those that are difficult to treat.

What is the outlook for the Company?

Using applied science to develop drug candidates, first in our laboratories, then in clinics and bringing them to patients in need of innovative therapeutic solutions, is Innate Pharma's raison d'être. It is important that Innate Pharma be a leader not be a follower and that it brings real innovation and clinical benefit for patients. The diversity of our portfolio is guarantee for our durability and our development.

Today, Innate is no longer just a research company. It is not only a company invested in the development of molecules that are destined to become drugs for cancers that are difficult to treat or possibly resistant to existing treatments, but it is also a commercial company following the acquisition of LumoxitiTM from AstraZeneca.

This drug, which is marketed in the United States for patients with hairy cell leukemia, has allowed us to become a commercial biotechnology company. We are proud to be able to respond to a major medical need. Our priority development focus is now to build a commercial franchise of treatments dedicated to rare hematological cancers.

We are at a turning point in the growth and development of our company. To continue in this direction and become a world leader in the field of immuno-oncology, I am deeply convinced that putting the patient at the center of our strategy will make our success.

And I'm delighted to see this belief shared by everyone in the Innate Pharma team.