Start of mission
December 23, 2019
Job city
Marseille (Luminy)
Type of contract


Overall Objectives and Purpose of the role
In the Pharmacology Department, reporting to the department director, you will be a team leader within a matrix organization. You will be actively involved in the preclinical characterization of Innate Pharma's drug candidates, i.e. therapeutic antibodies targeting the immune system, tumor cells or the tumor micro-environment.
The Pharmacology department is in charge of in vitro assays, in vivo experimentation in mouse models and ex vivo assays on patient samples, aiming at identifying lead candidates, characterizing their mode of action and performing efficacy experiments.
As a team leader, your main role and responsibilities are the following:
Main responsibilities and key tasks
Line management
Key Tasks:
  • Lead a team composed of scientists, engineers and technicians
  • Manage all People Cycle of all Human Resources activities and processes (including recruitment, absent management, annual and professional development reviews, training and skills development)
  • Allocate resources according to objectives and ensures that the team achieves the objectives set
  • Continuously improves the processes and productivity of the team
  • Sustaining motivation and skill development of the team members
  • Communicates and delivers the strategy defined by the Management within the team
Expert scientific contribution to projects
Key Tasks:
  • Implement and develop assays to respond to project demands (drug candidate characterization, MoA demonstration, efficacy experiments...)
  • Scientific and technical literature survey in the field of in vitro and in vivo pharmacology (focus in onco-immunology)
  • Review and validation of data generated within the team
  • Clear and accurate result synthesis and presentation (oral and/or written report)
  • Redaction and revision of technical documentation (SOPs) and project-related documents (study reports)
Communication & procedure application
Key Tasks:
  • Regular reporting to management and information diffusion to collaborators
  • Promotion of the Company culture and values
  • Responsible for the application of internal procedures by the team


Experience and Qualifications
  • PhD degree in Immunology/Oncology
  • Experience in leading and managing teams
  • Biotech/Pharma industry experience
  • 5Y+ experience in biotechnology, immunology or oncology field, in Drug discovery and/or target identification and validation
  • License or formation to experiment on live animals
Competencies, Skills and Behaviours
Technical Competencies Additional Skills/ Behaviours
  • Expertise in the field of in vitro cellular assay development
  • Experimentation on primary immune cells (T lymphocytes, myeloid cells, NK cells, ILCs...)
  • Extensive hands-on experience with flow cytometry, cytokine dosage, cell differentiation, activation and proliferation assays
  • Strong understanding of complex scientific procedures and demonstrated ability to troubleshooting
  • In vivo experimentation
  • Softwares : Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, GraphPad Prism, FlowJo
  • Strong team player, aiming at collaborators' skill development
  • Encouraging initiative, working with stakeholders, recognized as a leader
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Committed to creating a culture of performance, decision making, ability to work transversally, implementation of strategy
  • Regular activity reporting
  • The applicant must be able to read, write and speak French and English
  • Planning tools (e.g. Microsoft Project)
  • Statistical analyses