Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - 07:00

Innate Pharma (the “Company” - Euronext Paris: FR0010331421 – IPH) will hold its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) on May 19, 2020 AM in its headquarters, 117 avenue de Luminy, F-13009 Marseille.

The procedures for holding the Combined General Meeting have been adapted in accordance with Article 4 of Ordinance No. 2020-321 of 25 March 2020 adapting the rules for meetings and deliberations of the meetings and governing bodies of legal entities and entities without legal personality under private law due to the Covid-19 epidemic (the "Covid-19 Ordinance").

In accordance with Article 4 of Covid-19 Ordinance, the AGM must be held without the shareholders and other persons entitled to attend being physically present. Shareholders are therefore invited to vote at the general meeting either by mail or by proxy.

The Notice of Meeting of this AGM was published on April 14, 2020, in the French official legal bulletin (“BALO”). It includes the agenda, the proposed resolutions as well as instructions to participate and vote in this AGM. It is also available on the Company’s website.

All documentation regarding this AGM will be published on the Company’s website as of today.

Precision regarding the AGM:

Only shareholders having registered their shares at least two business days prior to the date of the AGM, by midnight Paris time, will be able to participate.

Shareholders holding “au porteur” (bearer) shares will need to obtain an “attestation de participation” (certificate of shareholding) from their brokers. This “attestation de participation” must be attached to the proxy form or to the appropriate voting form if shareholders wish to designate a proxy or vote by post.

Written questions from shareholders must be received from the day of the publication of the official convocation to the AGM up until four business days prior to the AGM (by e-mail to investors@innate-pharma.com).

Shareholders may obtain the legal documentation in preparation of the AGM (as described in article R. 225-83 of the French Code de Commerce) by sending a request by e-mail to investors@innate-pharma.com.

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