JOINING US... by Federico

Our operational managers pilot the recruitment processes with the support of HR

I am a statistician by education and I quickly specialized in statistics applied to biomedical research.

. I was working at the Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris when I applied for a position at Innate Pharma. I was very drawn to that offer because they were looking for someone to create a biometrics unit (biostatistics and data management) that was previously outsourced. With the company's development, and the increasing number of clinical trials, the choice was made to internalize this competence and to set up a team for which they recruited the manager.

Innate Pharma was looking for a more senior profile, but I took my chance and I don't regret it. After a pre-selection phase with a recruitment firm and the HR department, I spent one full day at the Company premises to meet half a dozen people: line managers, employees of the clinical team, to which the position would be attached, and also people from the preclinical and HR departments. The recruitment process also included personality tests, and, at the end of the process, I had a telephone interview with Mondher Mahjoubi, our CEO. It was extremely comprehensive.

This series of meetings allowed me to aprehend the points of view and expectations of the different teams I would have to collaborate with, both within my department and across the Company. As there was no statistician in-house, the discussions were not very technical but rather exchanges on how to approach the subjects, trial methodology. The idea was to achieve a mutual understanding and, for me, to get a sense of how we were going to operate and the differences from what I was doing at the hospital. I didn't experience it as an assessment but rather as a gradual reciprocal encounter to determine, on both sides, if my profile was suitable for the position. I already had a stable job in Paris, a family with young children; coming to Innate Pharma in Marseille was a strong commitment, I wanted to be sure.

In the end, I joined Innate Pharma and I don't regret it.

Internally, the teams had been waiting for this recruitment for a long time and my start was intense. Building relationships with my colleagues has been easy, especially because of the open space office layout on the Prado premises. A colleague quickly invited me to visit the Luminy labs, to meet the other teams, and it was really useful. HR also helped us manage moving and relocating in Marseille.

Since I took office, I have recruited a data manager. I used the same approach: we worked with the teams to define the required profile, I was accompanied by HR to choose the recruitment firm and make the pre-selections, then we brought in the people selected for interviews with team members and the head of department. I think it works well. We are currently recruiting for a second employee.

Federico, Biostatistics and Data Management Manager, recruited at Innate Pharma in 2017