NKp46 NKCEs binds to one or two antigens at the surface of tumor cells, and engage both CD16 and NKp46 activating receptors on NK cells. The co-engagement of NKp46 synergizes with CD16 to induce full NK cell activation and tumor cell lysis. Further, NKp46 expression is often conserved on infiltrating NK cells in most solid tumors.


Videos presented in the following scientific conferences: 

NKp46 NKCE: design and Mechanism of action

Video microscopy: NKp46 NKCE

In the scope of the expanded oncology R&D collaboration announced in October 2018, AstraZeneca has recently acquired an option to exclusively license a multi-specific NKp46 NK cell engager from Innate Pharma preclinical portfolio.

Innate Pharma is eligible for up to $855 million in opt-in payments, development and commercial milestones and high-single to double-digit tiered royalties on net sales for this molecule if the option is exercised prior to the molecule reaching clinical development. After opt-in and up to the start of a Phase III clinical trial, AstraZeneca will incur all the development costs. Innate retains the right to participate in cost sharing for Phase III clinical trials in order to receive 50% profit and loss sharing within the EU.