LEARNING... by Nicolas

LEARNING... by Nicolas

Thematic forums have been organized at Innate Pharma since May 2018. They are usually scheduled outside working hours, at lunchtime. People have more time, and everyone is free to attend or not. There is a real effort to make it simple, even for very scientific subjects: the speakers strive to make the information accessible to all employees, whatever their profession (scientists, physicians, lawyers, accountants...).

These forums began with a series of presentations by Éric Vivier, CSO, on cancer immunotherapy, the extend of this field and the current state of research. This is the root of Innate Pharma's business and therefore of interest to all employees

The topics covered are varied, although so far, scientific topics have been the majority. It allows you to discover the other teams and understand their jobs and work topics. Then, if we want more details, we have the opportunity to talk face to face and create new interactions.

I particularly appreciated two conferences:

  • The forum on the US subsidiary and Lumoxiti®, the drug we bought from AstraZeneca last year, on which there were many questions. We were able to better understand what this molecule consists of, the treated pathology, which is a rare disease, and also what it implies in terms of evolution for the company. On this occasion, we met Jen Butler, the new CEO of the US subsidiary, and get first-hand information.
  • The forum on bioinformatics and biostatistics was really interesting as a researcher, because it gives a glimpse of what we can make of this kind of tool in our research activities and also, in the clinical field, how IT can foster scientific activities.

I can only see positive sides of these forums: they allow all employees to gain knowledge on topics that are at the heart of the company's activity, in a simple way. It is also a very good exercise for teams who present because it encourages them to have an accessible speech, and at the same time, it brings visibility and recognition on their work and their role in the organization.

Finally, it is constructive for everyone and makes it possible to present the company's activity to the outside world in the family environment, for example, and to promote Innate Pharma's image.

More broadly, these forums give me the feeling of being supported: Innate Pharma has great ambitions, including developing and marketing innovative treatments that really change patients' lives. It involves a lot of changes, new recruitments for the development of new activities. These forums are part of an ambition for everyone to feel involved in a collective project where their work makes sense, where they belong.

Nicolas, Manager in the Pharmacology Department, at Innate Pharma since 2017, attended several scientific forums