Our approach

Partnerships and collaborations are in our DNA — from academic and clinical researchers to global biopharmaceutical companies. We understand that the best science and the best medicines only advance when the right people and organizations work together to leverage their collective expertise. We are proud of our record of collaborations with world-class biopharmaceutical companies, as well as leading research institutions. The Company’s success establishing and growing these relationships is a reflection of our strong scientific acumen and strategic vision.

Establishing a network of agreements and collaborations with academic laboratories, clinical centers and industrial leaders is at the heart of Innate Pharma’s strategy. We are constantly looking for opportunities of collaboration in the field of antibodies in immuno-oncology.

Our partnerships opportunities

Partnerships are and continue to be accelerators for our research and development pipeline, providing us with access to innovation, indication expertise and non-dilutive capital as well as the ability to expand our reach into areas beyond our core focus.

We continue to look for industry partners that can help support the development of our product candidates in immuno-oncology.

Beside a pipeline of innovative proprietary products, we have also developed proprietary antibody technologies, such as ANKET® , our NK cell engager platform, and site-specific conjugation that could be used to create new anti-cancer therapeutics and are available for partnership opportunities.

We are looking for partners with resources complementary to ours such as strong clinical capacity to support broad clinical development programs as well as manufacturing and large commercialization capabilities. 

Thus, in order to develop our product pipeline or technologies, we are always looking for partners to establish research collaborations, co-development and license agreements, in oncology and inflammation.

We welcome discussions on strategic collaborations with companies that share our ambition to advance novel therapies for patients. For additional information on partnership opportunities, please contact us at business@innate-pharma.fr.

We have a specific procedure for receiving and processing confidential or proprietary information from external sources. Please contact us to obtain the details of this procedure before sending any such information.

Our partnering opportunities

Our partners


Innate Pharma is collaborating with Sanofi (research collaboration and licensing agreement) for the development of innovative multispecific antibodies, using ANKET® Innate’s technology platform and Sanofi’s technology and tumor targets.


AstraZeneca has obtained full oncology rights to monalizumab, our anti-NKG2A antibody, and partnered IPH5201.

Bristol Myers Squibb

Lirilumab (anti-KIR) is developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb (license agreement).

Novo Nordisk A/S

Innate Pharma has long been collaborating with Novo Nordisk A/S, leading to the development of several antibodies. The most recent agreement granted Innate Pharma full worldwide exclusive rights to develop and commercialize a first-in-class clinical-stage anti-C5aR antibody in 2017 (avdoralimab).


Our academic and clinical collaborations

Our development is supported by a strong network of international academic and clinical collaborations. 

Since its inception, Innate Pharma has collaborated with leading academic teams in immunology to study the biology of the immune system and innate immunity. The Company has demonstrated its commitment to collaborative projects, as is shown today by its product pipeline, mainly resulting from fruitful academic collaborations.

Academic collaborations
Marseille immunopole Innate Pharma is a member of Marseille Immunopôle, a world-class cluster, resulting of 40 years of research and innovation in immunology. Marseille Immunopôle brings together researchers, clinicians, engineers and industrials to accelerate the development of immunotherapy antibodies and cell therapies and facilitate patients’ access to these innovations. Marseille Immunopôle is one of the largest immunology and development centers in Europe.


The Company is collaborating with a large number of world leading cancer centers and clinical networks.

Clinical collaborations