REWARDING... by Odile

REWARDING... by Odile

Innate Pharma's employee share ownership plans are primarily designed to share the value created with all employees.

It is a fairly unique model for a listed company, both in the biotech world and in large companies. In general, share allocations are much more targeted at certain categories of employees and less regular. In our company, there is an allocation plan every year and all employees are eligible.

Our ambition is that everyone feels associated with the company's development and, consequently, responsible for achieving collective objectives. More than a deferred compensation tool, the employee share ownership program aims to make employees full shareholders. They are also increasingly present at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held each year in Marseille, at our Luminy premises.

The HR and Finance teams worked together to propose systems that are as simple and straightforward as possible. We are moving towards the distribution of free performance shares for all, with clear collective three-year objectives known to all. Each year, we hold an internal meeting to explain the details of the plan and answer any questions. On a daily basis, we note that more and more employees are asking us questions about the share price evolutions.

Odile, Senior Director HR, at Innate Pharma since 2017