Cancer immunotherapy, also called immuno-oncology, has been a revolution in cancer treatment. The objective is to induce the immune system to recognize and eliminate tumor cells. Innate Pharma has specialized in immunotherapy since its inception in 1999.

Recent immunotherapy developments have focused on generating tumor antigen-specific T cell response and have led to an unprecedented change in the treatment paradigm of many cancers. Despite these successes, the breadth and durability of the clinical benefit achieved has been limited to a subset of patients and tumor types.

Our innovative approach to immuno-oncology aims to broaden and amplify anti-tumoral immune responses by leveraging both the adaptive and the innate immune systems.

Innate Pharma’s founders and scientists have been pioneering the scientific knowledge around the biology of the innate immune system’s cells, and in particular Natural Killer (NK) cells.

Innate scientists are working on developing antibodies designed to stimulate the anti-tumor activity of the innate immune system cells - not only to boost their direct role in tumor elimination, but also their function in eliciting a multicellular immune response that ultimately can lead to a long-lasting and immune control of tumors.