We are proud to contribute to the scientific advancements on innate immunity and NK cells. Since our founding in 1999, our researchers have been published in several high impact factor journals, highlighting our expertise in NK cell modulation and commitment to the highest quality science. 

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ASCO 2024: Lacutamab in patients with relapsed and/or refractory mycosis fungoides: results from the TELLOMAK phase 2 trial 896 KB
ASH 2023: Lacutamab in Patients with R/R Sézary syndrome: results from the TELLOMAK Phase 2 Trial 2.3 MB
ASH 2023: Strategies to Develop Lacutamab in Patients with PTCL: Preliminary Monotherapy Clinical Data and Pre-Clinical Combo 353.69 KB
EORT CLTG: Lacutamab in patients with MF: efficacy results according to updated lymph node classification in the TELLOMAK study 1.02 MB
ICML2023: lacutamab in patients with Mycosis Fungoides: efficacy results according to updated lymph node classification 680.07 KB
ASH2022: Lacutamab in patients with advanced Sezary syndrome: results from an interim analysis of TELLOMAK Phase 2 trial 1.17 MB
EORTC CLTG 2022: lacutamab in pts with advanced MF according to KIR3DL2 expression, stage 1 results from TELLOMAK Ph2 trial 1.07 MB
ESMO 2022: A multi-center Phase 1b trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of lacutamab in R/R PTCL that express KIR3DL2 135.19 KB
ICML 2021: TELLOMAK Presentation 874.6 KB
TCLF 2020: Anti-lymphoma activity of lacutamab, first-in-class anti-KIR3DL2 antibody, is augmented by PTCL chemotherapies 453.88 KB
ICML 2019: TELLOMAK presentation 702.17 KB
ICML 2019: KIR3DL2 is expressed in peripheral T-cell lymphomas and may be a therapeutic target 521.62 KB
ICML 2019: KIR3DL2 contributes to delineate the Acute-type and is a therapeutic target in Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma 674.14 KB
ASH 2018: IPH4102, an anti-KIR3DL2 mAb in refractory Sézary syndrome: results from a multicenter international phase 1 trial 1.43 MB
EORTC CLTF 2018: IPH4102 results of the Phase 1 study in refractory CTCL 863.07 KB
EORTC CLTF 2017: IPH4102 is safe and clinically active in advanced CTCL patients, results from the dose-escalation part 664.71 KB
EORTC CLTF 2017: IPH4102 is safe and clinically active in advanced CTCL patients, results from the dose-escalation part 793.36 KB
EORTC CLTF 2017: Biomarkers of pharmacological and clinical activity of IPH4102 890.56 KB
ICML 2017: Dose-escalation safety, biomarker and clinical activity results (Phase I in relapsed/refractory CTCL) 813.6 KB
ASH 2016: First-in-Human, Multicenter Phase I Study of IPH4102, First-in-Class Humanized Anti-KIR3DL2 Monoclonal Antibody 1.49 MB
3WCCL: Presentation at the Scientific Session “Endpoints & Clinical Trials” with Pr Martine Bagot 567.32 KB
Poster presented at the 3WCCL by Pr Martine Bagot 731.18 KB
Poster presented at the 3WCCL by Hélène Sicard, Anne Marie-Cardine and Maxime Battistella 628 KB
Poster presented at the 3WCCL by Maxime Battistella 731.18 KB
Poster on IPH4102 presented at ASCO2016 234.18 KB
Pr Martin Bagot presentation - Paris, Dec 2, 2015 - WARNING: some images may offend the sensibilities 1.68 MB
Dr Youn H. Kim presentation, Key Opinion Leader luncheon to discuss Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma 2.52 MB
Pr Martin Bagot presentation at EORTC cutaneous lymphoma task force meeting - Torino sept. 2015 7.04 MB
Poster on IPH4102 presented at T-Cell Lymphoma Forum 2014 2.65 MB
Poster on IPH4102 presented at AACR Annual Meeting 2013 1.06 MB
ASCO 2024: Updated results from COAST, a Phase 2 study of durvalumab ± oleclumab or monalizumab Stage III unresectable NSCLC 421.82 KB
ESMO 2023: A Phase 2 study of monalizumab and durvalumab in pts with R/M SCCHN (UPSTREAM) 881.11 KB
ESMO 2023: INTERLINK-1: Phase 3 study of cetuximab ± monalizumab in participants with R/M SCCHN 878.08 KB
ESMO2022: NeoCOAST: Study of neoadjuvant durvalumab alone or with oleclumab, monalizumab or danvatirsen in resectable NSCLC 936.34 KB
AACR 2022: NeoCOAST: open-label, randomized, phase 2 multidrug platform study 1.45 MB
ESMO IO 2021: Monalizumab, cetuximab and durvalumab in first line treatment of R/M SCCHN: a Phase 2 trial 707.91 KB
PAGE 2021: Population PK Modeling of Monalizumab in cancer patients with longitudinal patient/disease characteristics 404.69 KB
ESMO IO 2020: Monalizumab with cetuximab post platinum and anti-PD-(L)1 in patients with r/m SCCHN: updated results from phase 2 286.91 KB
ASCO 2020: Combination of monalizumab & cetuximab in patients with R/MSCCHN cancer previously treated... 435.05 KB
ESMO 19: Durvalumab plus monalizumab, mFOLFOX6, and bevacizumab in patients with metastatic MSS CRC 353.38 KB
ESMO 19: Monalizumab in combination with cetuximab in patients with R/M SCCHN... 1-year survival data 354.43 KB
SITC 2018: Monalizumab in combination with cetuximab in R/M SCCHN: Clinical results and preliminary biomarker analyses 1.41 MB
ESMO 2018: Phase II study of monalizumab in combination with cetuximab in R/M SCCHN 1.23 MB
ESMO 2018: Changes in the innate immune system as early events in cancer 2.24 MB
ECI 2018: Anti-NKG2A mAb is a checkpoint inhibitor that promotes anti-tumor immunity by unleashing both T and NK cells 2.32 MB
ASCO 2018: First-in-Human dose escalation of monalizumab plus durvalumab with expansion in patients with MSS colorectal cancer 175.32 KB
AACR 2018: Phase II of monalizumab with cetuximab in previously treated R/M SCCHN: preliminary assessment of safety and efficacy 1.37 MB
AACR 2018: NKG2A immune checkpoint blockade potentiates cetuximab induced ADCC in head and neck cancer preclinical model 1.13 MB
AACR 2018: Combination of monalizumab and durvalumab as a potent immunotherapy treatment for human solid cancers 350.81 KB
AACR 2018: Combination of monalizumab and durvalumab as a potent immunotherapy treatment for human solid cancers 1.3 MB
ITOC5 2018: Next generation immunotherapies: NK cells and other targets 1.95 MB
CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR ICI 2017: Combined blockade of PD-L1 and NKG2A enhances anti-tumor CD8+ T cell response 1.16 MB
AACR 2017: Safety of monalizumab in combination with cetuximab: a Phase Ib/II study in R/M SCCHN 339.78 KB
AACR 2017: NKG2A checkpoint receptor expression on tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells restrains efficacy of immunotherapy 1.51 MB
SITC 2016: NK, T cells and IFN-gamma are required for the anti-tumor efficacy of combination-treatment with NKG2A & PD1/PDL1 IC 720.01 KB
ENA 2016: Dose ranging study of monalizumab in patients with gynecologic malignancies: A trial of the CCTG 911.89 KB
AACR 2016: NKG2A immune checkpoint blockade enhances the anti-tumor efficacy of PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors in a preclinical model 239.61 KB
Presentation at the 13th TAT Congress: rationale and protocol of the Phase I/II trial of IPH2201 in ovarian cancer 1.66 MB