WORKING... by Lydie

TRAVAILLER, Lydie témoigne

I was one of the very first employees to benefit from teleworking at Innate Phama.

In 2009, when the company relocated in Luminy, my travel time, which was already long, became really painful, with more than 4 hours a day. With my manager and HR, it was decided to set up two fixed days per week of telework. I felt like I was alive again!

Today, I am a huge fan. In addition to the time and fatigue saved, I also have more flexibility for my personal organization, which means less stress and more pleasure at work. For teamwork, the organization is fluid, I am connected exactly as I am at the office. This was not really the case ten years ago, the VPN connection was more erratic but the technology has made great progress. The internal teams know they can count on me. As I am in charge of the supply chain for clinical development, I am mainly in contact with subcontractors. For them, the exchanges being mainly by email and telephone, teleworking is transparent.

In ten years, I have never had a feeling of isolation or distance due to my telework. I am present in the offices 3 days a week, so I keep in touch with the company's life and continue to evolve professionally in an extremely interesting way. At the same time, having more isolated working hours allows me to focus on certain topics more effectively.

From a practical point of view, it obviously requires to be a bit rigorous...

I have set up a dedicated office at home, I make sure I can be reached at the usual times of my colleagues and subcontractors with whom I am in contact and I am very careful with the documents and information I take home. Innate Pharma provides me with a professional computer and phone, a secure remote connection and I don't need much else.

In recent years, telework has become more widespread in all companies, and at Innate Pharma, an agreement was reached last year to extend the practice. I find that this agreement demonstrates the openness and willingness to trust employees. Today, it is part of my life balance and one of the reasons why I enjoy working at Innate Pharma.

Lydie, Interim Manager Global supply chain, at Innate Pharma since 2007, has been teleworking on a regular basis for 10 years